22 Epic Photos - Above & below on the border of two worlds.

Above and Below…  you’ll  never know what you might encounter  just below the surface. Enjoy stunning underwater biodiversity caught on camera.  Captured by amateurs and professionals, equally  impressive. 

The health of our ocean is the health of our planet


Green sea turtle in Bora bora. - reddit


Awesome shot of an underwater whale in Argentina - reddit


Heart-warming picture of playful penguins diving off an iceberg into freezing Antarctic waters.  Photographer Justin Hofman - Daily Mail


Egypt  -  © Richard Whitcombe

  dolphin   ZanzibarTanzania
   Playfull Dolphins    Green Sea Turtle Tanzanian Zanzibar
   Photo: Felix Hernandez Rodriguez    Pinterest



Alligator in Florida, USA  -   photo by Kelly Bracken - uwphotographyguide


A baby seal cautiously dips its head in freezing cold water as it goes swimming for the first time. The two-week-old harp seal explores the environment in the -2 degree Celsius waters after jumping in from the ice.  Photographer Keith Monroe, travelled to the a floating ice pack in the Gulf of St Lawrence just off the Magdalen Islands, Canada.


Great White Shark in South Africa - photodestination.  -  Allen Walker


These penguins have made a giant iceberg their playground, and the perfect place for a dive into the freezing water.  Penguins at Danco Island, Antarctica  - Photo: Justin Hofman -  nytimes

  Caribbeancoast   Grotto
   Whale Shark - Caribbean coast, Mexico    Underwater cave exploration -  The Blue Grotto
   divephotoguide    (Grotta Azzurra), Malta  -  reddit



Switserland - © Raoul Caprez  -  mozaik


Diving in Spain  -  © Alexia Dunad


The value, below, of good wide-angle capability - Tom Lewin fishing the Berg River Western Cape  -  Underwater Fly Fishing Photography


Sipadan island in Malaysia and its characteristic underwater world. -  underwaterphotography


Great White Shark in South Africa - photodestination.  -  Allen Walker is a passionate underwater photographer. His stunning underwater imagery of sharks portray the beauty of these threatened marine animals.


Playing Dolphins - Photo: Felix Hernandez Rodriguez


Incredible moment spear fisherman is captured in mid-ai by Stephane Ducandas


Multiple encounter (Rio do Peixe) - Brazil.  underwaterphotography


Penguins at Danco Island, Antarctica  -  nytimes

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