Shark Cage Diving with Great White Shark Tours in South Africa

Shark Cage Diving with Great White Shark Tours in South Africa

Diving with Great Whites in South Africa

Why CHOOSE GREAT WHITE SHARK TOURS for your bucket list shark cage diving adventure?
We  are the only shark cage diving vessel to give a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if a shark is not seen. Imagine a trip to the Kruger National Park with a similar offer if a lion is not seen.


  • Street: 8 Swart Street, Kleinbaai
  • Suburb: Kleinbaai
  • City: Gansbaai
  • Province: Western Cape
  • Country: South Africa


  • Telephone: +27 (0)28 384 1418
  • Mobile: +27 (0)83 300 2138
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • GPS: S 34° 36´ 52” :: E 19° 21´ 18”

Our boat APEX PREDATOR, was designed specifically for shark cage diving and surface viewing and is a perfect vessel for film crews.
It is a comfortable, custom built boat with an UNBLEMISHED SAFETY RECORD  crewed by highly trained, qualified and experienced operational staff.  We also offer the services of a videographer to capture your priceless memories!
The crew do not rush our trips to accommodate a second or third trip and the cage diving experience thus linger longer than usually allowed.
Departure time (extreme tide fluctuations depending)  is normally at  10 am with a pick up from Cape Town between 6am and 6:30am

We have an ample supply of 7mm wetsuits for every size. Wetsuits are fixed with attached hoods and booties for comfortably staying in the water longer. Wetsuits are washed in biodegradable detergents, sundried  if possible ordried in our drying rooms. Thus we ensure that there is always a dry suit for every guest on board, on every trip. Dry clean towels are also provided after your dive.

We pride us on our cuisine with food  rated 5- star by some of our luxury guest houses! A full continental breakfast with fruit in season; also freshly prepared food and refreshments both during and after the trip. Nutritious soup & freshly baked bread after trips in winter. We do not serve greasy fried bacon and eggs as fatty substance will encourage seasickness.

Great White Shark Tours as a private charter is often chosen by celebrities who want to ensure their privacy.

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