Early Saturday 6km hike to Sopiesklip, Grotto beach, in Hermanus

  • Monday, 20 April 2015
  • Jeanette

On an early Saturday morning, the 7th of February 2015 we joined other hikers on a hike rom Grotto Beach to Sopiesklip (halfway to De Kelders). Long white stretches of sandy beach with the sun playing on the water we embarked on a 12km hike and been nature lovers we decided to walk barefoot… What a sensation! with the sand between your toes.

 Sopiesklip JD   008     Sopiesklip JD   044

Dogs and their owners enjoy this stretch of beach, as it is kilometers & Kilometers of white sands.  Here’s a picture of one of the dogs having a tug of war with piece of kelp.

 Sopiesklip JD   006     Sopiesklip JD   035

All around us as we walked to Sopiesklip we saw different spices of sea birds, thanks to the parks board for banning vehicles driving on the beach.  The Oystercatches you will see along the way are a success to the banning.  We also saw Gulls & occasionally Terns.

 Sopiesklip JD   105     Sopiesklip JD   107

About 3 kilometers into the trail we discovered a dead dolphin, I guess it's a bottle nose dolphin.

 Sopiesklip JD   015     Sopiesklip JD   020

At Sopiesklip we rested for a drink of “sopie” sip of water, there we met up with the ladies doing their walk from lighthouse to lighthouse, which starts at De Kelders and ends at Grotto beach 18km in total.

 Sopiesklip JD   062   Sopiesklip JD   067   Sopiesklip JD   068

Sitting on the rocks, we joined them having snacks and drinks while enjoying this beautiful spot and what nature has to show offer us.

 Sopiesklip JD   078   Sopiesklip JD   075   Sopiesklip JD   074

Can you see this “door like” hole in the rock?  Here a German man, I think his surname was Otto stayed in the 1980's.  Some people still recall taking food, water and parrafin to him.

 Sopiesklip JD   070     Sopiesklip JD   087

Time to leave our special place and we walked the 6km back to Grotto beach where we collected awesome shells, took photos and thoroughly enjoyed this walk. On our way we had a bit of a laugh watching people getting white mussels out the sea and goes like this lets twist again while others to shy to twist sat in waves and dug them out.

 Sopiesklip JD   111   Sopiesklip JD   113   Sopiesklip JD   119

This is truly memorable hike to Sopiesklip and back to Grotto beach, in the summer we walk this trail at least once a month.

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