Hermanus Passion Play on Good Friday 25 March 2016

Passiespel1862864404234 o written by Fanus le Roux

On the very first Good Friday, more than 2000 years ago, three crosses were erected on a hill in Calvary.  Jesus Christ was crucified in the middle, with two criminals, probably murderers, at his sides.  The obvious arrangement of these three crosses carries an important message.

The message will be recalled again on 18 April at 20:00 at the Old Harbour, in the annual Hermanus Passion Play - which also presents the life and last days of Christ.  The Old Harbour is the perfect venue for this Easter Play, which fascinates audiences every year for 90 minutes.  This is the 19th occasion on which the Hermanus Passion Play will be performed, by a group of 90 to 100 participants.  The play will be preceded by the Novis Vita praise dancers at 19:00, followed by Innes Benade.  Then all the lights of the Old Harbour will be turned off and a spotlight will showcase the performance.

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Scenes in the play   

  1. Announcement of the birth of Jesus
  2. The birth of Jesus
  3. Jesus at twelve in the temple
  4. Jesus is baptised
  5. Jesus teaches the crowds
  6. The meal at Bethany
  7. The meeting of the Pharisees
  8. Jesus enters Jerusalem
  9. The assembly of the Jewish Council
  10. The Last Supper
  11. Jesus in Gethsemane
  12. Jesus appears in front of the Jewish Council
  13. Peter denies Jesus
  14. The Trial
  15. Judas repents
  16. Jesus on his way to Calvary
  17. Calvary
  18. Joseph of Arimathea visits Pontius Pilate
  19. The Resurrection
  20. Jesus appears to his Disciples
  21. Hallelujah

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Please bring your own chair and something to keep you warm.

For any enquiries please contact Fanus le Roux on 078 483 3080 or fanusleroux@lantic.net and visit our website at www.passiespel.co.z

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