What do People ask About Hermanus?

What do People ask About Hermanus?

Welcome to Hermanus, South Africa.

FAQ's about Hermanus

The small town of Hermanus is nestled in Walker Bay in the Overberg district of South Africa's Western Cape and is well known as the whale watching capital of the world.
It is one of the most vibrant holiday destinations in the country and is close enough to Cape Town to warrant a day trip

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1.  What is the History of Hermanus?

This gorgeous seaside town Hermanus has a proud history dating back to the early 1800s when a man by the name of Hermanus Pieters followed a path etched into the ground by a herd of elephants. Hermanus Pieters was a traveling teacher and Sheppard who growing tired of his locality made the decision to pack up and try somewhere new. He wandered south of Caledon along the elephant trail and ended up next to the sea where he discovered a fresh spring. Hermanus Pieters decided to set up camps here because of this spring and the fine grazing the land provided for his livestock. This beautiful setting became known as Hermanuspietersfontein (directly translated as Hermanus Pieters Fountain).  READ MORE

2.  Who discovered Hermanus?

Hermanus Pieters is credited with first “finding” Hermanus. He arrived in Cape Town in 1815, as a teacher and trekked eastwards with the first ox-wagons to Caledon, where farming was the major industry.

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2.  What is there to do in Hermanus?

Top Activities and Adventures in Hermanus. Hermanus is teeming with fun-filled activities suited for families, groups and individuals, ranging from land to water to air activities.
Hermanus is also known as the best whale watching spot in the world, around the corner at Gansbaai you will find shark cage diving and in the Cape Whale Coast area are many hiking trails through Nature reserves with fynbos and King Proteas.  READ MORE

3.  What is Hermanus famous for?

Hermanus is a popular holiday town on the southern coast of the Western Cape. With a couple of nature reserves in and around the area, a nature lover paradise. Hermanus is also world-famous for having fantastic land and boat-based whale watching.

4.   Where is Hermanus situated?

Location. Hermanus lies along Walker Bay on the south coast of the Western Cape. It is located about 115 km southeast of Cape Town and is connected to the Mother City by the R43 highway (or coastal R44 scenic route) and N2 motorway.  

GPS: -34.4169,19.1818228,12

5.   How far is Hermanus from Cape Town?

Distance from Cape Town to Hermanus.
The driving distance between Cape Town and Hermanus is 121.3km and it would take you 1 Hours 31 minutes if you average 80 km/h (49 mph).

6.  What ocean is Hermanus on?

Hermanus is on the Atantic Ocean and lies along Walker Bay on the south coast of the Western Cape.

7.  Is it safe to travel to Hermanus?

Hermanus is considered a safe tourist destination and usually trouble-free, however petty crime do exist.


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8.  When is IT the whale season in Hermanus?

Well, typically the whale season in Hermanus is between June and December every year.  Each year Southern Right whales migrate into the coastal waters of the Western Cape to calve and nurse their young. The animals, often mere meters from the shore, provide unsurpassed whale watching opportunities between June and November. READ MORE

9.   Where can I see whales in Hermanus?

Hermanus is known as the land-based whale capital of the world... from the cliffs, a boat or from the air.   One of the most popular locations in Hermanus for whale watching is Siever's Point. The Kwaaiwater lookout point is accessible by vehicle. The Voëlklip and Grotto beaches are perfect for whale spotting and watching, especially on the rocks above the sea. Whale Watching in Hermanus

10.  Why do whales come to Hermanus?

It's because of this that the whales choose to make their way to Hermanus in the winter months when the sun is weaker and the waters cooler.

11.  What kind of whales are in Hermanus?

Southern Right Whales are the main species of whales visiting the shores of Hermanus although Bryde's whales are found in Walker Bay all year and Humpback Whales migrate offshore of the bay during June, July and sometimes as late as August. MORE INFO

12.  What is the Marine Big 5?

Did you know that we have also had the Marine Big 5? Africa's oceans have been termed the Serengeti of the Seas, so prolific is the sea life that flourishes along our beautiful coastline. More than that, they can be enjoyed right here, in Cape Town.

So who is on the Marine Big 5 list?
Southern Right Whale, African Penguin, Dolphins Great White Sharks, and The South African Fur Seal.

13. Does Hermanus have wine routes?

Hermanus has a high concentration of Wine Farms, Wine Estate, and wine tasting

Wine Routes in and around Hermanus and the Cape Whale Coast.

14. What do you know about the Old Harbour in Hermanus?

The town of Hermanus developed around the Old Harbour that provided safety to the many fishing boats of the area in 1855, and is still a focal point of the town's activities. The Old Harbour was declared a museum in 1972, and was cleaned up and restored to its former glory
The Old Harbour Museum is located right in the tourist hub of Hermanus in the Western Cape.

15. Where can I stay IN HERMANUS?

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