Going on your first safari: 5 dos and don’ts

Going on your first safari: 5 dos and don’ts

If you’re looking for a rather unique travel experience, a safari is perhaps the best choice. But you’ll need to be aware of certain things before you go—here are 5 dos and don’ts to bear in mind for your trip.

DO: Take pictures of your experience

There’s simply no doubt that a safari will allow you to witness beautiful scenery alongside an incredible variety of wildlife, so you’ll want to be able to look back at what you saw once you’re home. Be sure to bring a good camera with you in order to capture the unforgettable moments you experience during your trip.

Coming home will inevitably bring on the post-travel blues—a very real thing, by the way—so having an abundance of photographs to look back on and show friends and family is a must. It’ll give you bragging rights when you share the photos to your social networks, too. A safari isn’t a common holiday, so people will undoubtedly be interested to see what your trip entailed.

DON’T: Step out of your comfort zone

Although safaris are meant for unparalleled adventure, that doesn’t mean you should risk doing anything you’re unsure of. Don’t wander into uncharted territory, be careful of your surroundings and be sure you follow the instructions of the guide that is touring you around the area.

Despite having the freedom to roam the plains and deserts of the world in order to see animals in their natural habitat, with that freedom comes huge potential for danger. Said animals can attack or lash out if they feel uncomfortable with your presence, and if you wander off into surroundings you aren’t familiar with, you could easily become lost very quickly.

DO: Choose the right accommodation for you

Whether you’re a traveller who needs luxury or someone who prefers to rough it, the accommodation on offer for many safaris differs massively. There’s the option to pitch up in a tent wherever you decide to stop, or base yourself in a sprawling lodge with all of the luxury amenities you might need.

Some safari locations offer very unique places to stay, too. India’s Ranthambore national park offers a variety of accommodation options, from the famed Oberoi Vanyavilas complex to actual rooms in treehouses. Whatever takes your fancy, you’re sure to find a safari park that has it all.

DON’T: Come unprepared

Safaris can sometimes be taxing, draining experiences—you’ll be doing a lot of walking, and in intense heat you can easily become tired, dehydrated and even suffer with things such as sun poisoning if you aren’t prepared for it.

If you’re not ready to partake in much exertion or exercise, or if you’re looking for a more relaxed holiday, a safari may not be the best choice. The same applies if you’re unable to cope with hot, dry climates, as many safaris come with blisteringly hot weather in many locations, including a large majority of Africa.

DO: Be respectful of your surroundings

Some places around the world are very spiritual, including parts of Africa, Asia and South America where you’ll embark on the best safaris in the world. It’s important to brush up on your knowledge of the local culture before you arrive, so as to avoid any unintentional offence towards the locals.

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