Can You Train A Cat?

Can I train my cat

The best way to train a cat is by letting it imitate you as though you were its mommy.

This is easier done when it is still a kitten as older cats has developed their personalities and can become a lot more difficult to teach. We all know how cats have a mind of their own and are very independent animals. This only becomes more so as they age.

You need to get your cat to trust you and shouting and growling at it is not the right approach to do this. Speak softly and encourage and reward it when it does the right thing as this is the fastest way to get your cat to do what you want.

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Cats love praise, and teaching them that they will get more from doing something that you want them to do, will ensure that they will be more inclined to obey you for the reward.

If you do have to reprimand your cat don't use its name when doing so as you don't want it to associate its name with something that might upset it.

When you are training a cat you have to remain consistent at all times and be very diligent until you get the desired results. Expect it to take considerably longer than if you were teaching a dog but don't believe that you can't teach a cat to do many things very well.

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Remember the  other members in your family can help by always ensuring that the same commands that you give to the cat are the commands they also use. This way you will have a better chance of training your cat a lot faster.

Cats can be a lot of trouble, and that's part of the reason why we will love them so much, but there will be times when you will need to reprimand your cat and stop bad habits.This can be done by flicking a bit of water at it or by giving it a small fright by making a bit of noise when it does something wrong.

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A trained cat is a lot more fun and as we have them for many years it is well worth the time and effort.

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