The catching of crayfish and or cape rock lobster for sport and recreation in South Africa - (2017 Dates)

vang kreef in die Wes Kaap

Are these lobster, crayfish or kreef? They are not true lobsters because they don't have large claws.  In South Africa we call them crayfish or kreef. Their correct name is rock lobster or spiny lobster.

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A guide to catching crayfish for sport and recreation (private use)

Crayfish Permits:   A special permit is required to catch crayfish and are obtainable at the Post Office, cost R94 (R7 application fee and R87 permit fee) and are valid for the entire West Coast Rock Lobster season. Only persons over the age of 12 years may obtain from any authorized office, a recreational fishing permit to engage in fishing, collecting, keeping, controlling, landing or transporting of, or to be in possession of not more than four WCRL per day

Catching Season:

TIME: will be from 08:00 until 16:00

DATES:  The new regulations (2017-2018) with regard to catching periods are somewhat complicated and could lead to misinterpretation and unintentional transgression.

9 - 10 DEC 2017   YES   2 DAYS  
11 - 15 DEC 2017   NO      
16 - 17 DEC 2017   YES   2 DAYS  
18 - 22 DEC 2017   NO      
23 - 26 DEC 2017   YES   4 DAYS  
27 - 29 DEC 2017   NO      
30 DEC - 1 JAN   YES   3 DAYS  
2 - 5 JAN 2018   NO      
6 - 7 JAN 2018   YES   2 DAYS  
8 - 12 JAN 2018   NO      
13 - 14 JAN 2018   YES   2 DAYS  
15 JAN - 29 MARCH   NO      
30 MARCH - 2 APRIL   YES   4 DAYS  


Size limits:  The minimum size limit for the West Coast rock lobster is 80 mm measured from the tip op the centre horn to the end of the body (where the tail starts).

Bag limits:  The present bag limit for private crayfishing is 4 per permit holder per day. The maximum number of crayfish that may be transported by whatever means, is 20, on the condition that all the permit holders must be present (i.e. if you are transporting 20 crayfish, there should be 5 permit holders present).

Legal catching methods:  Crayfish for private use may only be caught by a baited crayfish ring, a baited line and scoop net or, when entering the water from shore, by hand using free diving equipment.


Watch this video - out early Saturday Morning and off with the neighbour to do some crayfish fishing.



The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) - http://www.daff.gov.za/

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