The South African government has issued 9 regulations to manage the coronavirus pandemic.

Considering the magnitude and severity of the COVID -19 outbreak which has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and classified as a national disaster by the President of South Africa [Cyril Ramaposa]

Here are the 9 regulations.

  1. TREATMENT: No person with COVID-19 confirmed or suspected, may refuse medical examination, treatment, isolation or quarantine.
  2. ALCOHOL: The sale, dispensing or transportation of alcoholic beverages is prohibited between 6pm and 9am. Monday - Saturday / public holidays; 1pm - pam
  3. SUSPENSION of Public visits to Correctional centres, Detention Facilities, Holding Cells, Military Detention Facilities, Dept of Social Development for 30 days, may be extended.
  4. ECD’s Early Childhood Development Centres, closed 18 march - 15 April 2020 and it maybe extended.
  5. FAKE NEWS: Anyone that creates or spreads fake news about COVID-19 / coronavirus is liable for prosecution.
  6. GATHERINGS: Restricted to under 100 people
  7. EMERGENCY PROCUREMENT POLICY: Accounting Officer, Dept. of Public Works authorise other Departments to identify & establish quarantine sites.
  8. AUTHORITY TO ISSUE DIRECTION: to address, prevent, curb the spread of COVID-19 virus by The Ministers of Justice & Correctional Services, basic & Higher Education, Police and others
  9. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE: Make available manpower, stores, equipment, ships, aircraft platforms, vehicles & facilities to support movement dept to prevent & manage COVID-19.


Read the full act here and the enacting document.

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