Voëlklip Beach and it's origin

  • Saturday, 29 November 2014
  • Jeanette

Near the beach lies the large rock where thousands of birds sleep for which Voëlklip was named (Voëlklip = bird rock).  The beach, surrounded by rocky cliffs, is not very big, but with the extensive grassy slopes make it a very popular meeting place for families and especially with small children.


A bit of History

When  Cape farmers started using the pastures of Mosselrivier farm (today Voëlklip),  the first holiday house in the history of Hermanus was built at the Mond by Henry Cloete of Groot Constantia. It is known the “Mondhuis”and after more than two centuries the old house is beautifully restored by the Hamilton Russells who live there.
Mossel River Township in earlier years was managed by village management council until they amalgamated with the Hermanus municipality.  This humble little suburb of Hermanus  developed and slowly grew into a sprawling holiday resort.  At one time Voëlklip had two hotels; the Riviera and the Birkenhead, both long gone.  The suburb also had a number of shops, a steak house and Kingfisher, the latter still serving Voëlklip people, young and old.


There are a few popular beaches and Grotto Beach that won the blue flag beach  status in recent years. Long ago there was the Goldfish cafe with different names created each time by new owners:  Driftwood Den and later the Nautilus.  The latter went up in flames and today there is only a vacant piece of land.  Fortunately a new restaurant has replaced the old Goldfish, on the opposite side of the road, Dutchies was established a few years ago, where beach lovers can enjoy refreshments and lunch.

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