South African Artist: Pieter Hugo Naude

  • Tuesday, 22 September 2015
  • Jeanette du Toit | LInda Chivell
  • History

Born on the farm, 'Aan-de-Doorns'; his second name, by which he is known to the public, was his mother's family-name. After schooling at Over Hex and Worcester, Pieter Hugo Naudé returned to the farm; his talent was recognized and encouraged, notably by Olive Schreiner.

  • 1889:  he went to London where he studied at the Slade School.  Following his studies in London and Europe, Pieter Hugo Naudé worked for a short while in Italy.
  • 1890 - 1894:  He attents ‘Kunst Akadamie, Munich’.
  • 1896: Pieter Hugo Naudé returned to South Africa, painted on the farm, mainly portraiture; Stayed in Hermanus in the house Mon Desir (belonged to the Du Toit family, Ryssel farm, Aan-De Doorns, Worcester), one of the first holiday stone cottage build in Hermanus. Naudé loved going on painting expeditions to experience more of the drama that the Southern African landscape had to offer. Apart from exploring the Cape’s coast and mountains, he travelled to the Victoria Falls, the Natal Drakensberg, the rugged Transkei coast and the Knysna forests, and regularly painted the flowering spectacle of Namaqualand in spring.
  • 1904:  He moved to Worcester where he built his home and studio (preserved as Hugo Naude House); became known as "Artist Naude".
  • 1913: Pieter Hugo Naudé journeyed via the East Coast to Jerusalem; a further year to London to study etchings at Kings Road School as well further studies in Munich
  • 1915: He married Julia Brown of Cape Town.

His life following his marriage was uneventful; he seldom left Worcester, except on painting expeditions; gave his interest and service to the town; a devoted gardener - created Worcester Garden of Remembrance, a memorial to the dead of WW1; very active in the scouting movement. 

  • 1935: was presented with Scout Medal of Merit. 
  • 1936: Pieter Hugo Naudé designed the rockeries for the Empire Exhibition, Johannesburg. 
  • 1937: painted a view of the Hex Valley as a gift from Worcester Chamber of Commerce to SA House, London. 
  • 1939: he was awardedMedal of Honour for Painting by the South African Akademie.
  • He died at the age of 71, in Worcester.

  • Today Pieter Hugo Naude is know as one of the SA Art Masters and he left behing an enriched art history and a place for the young artists to follow.

    The Hugo Naudé Art Centre is situated in Tulbagh Street, Worcester. The centre, that was already establshed in 1943, is named after one of South Africa's most professional artists, Hugo Naudé. The Art Centre gives a wide variety of subjects in the visual as well as executive arts. 


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