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The Overstrand municipality implements Level 1B Water Restrictions from 1 March

The Overstrand municipality implements Level 1B Water Restrictions from 1 March

Overstrand Municipality will implement level 1B water restrictions from 1 March 2018 in the Greater Hermanus area (i.e. from Benguela Cove to Voëlklip).

Water tariffs will not be increased at this stage because the De Bos Dam is currently at 46,5%. In terms of the Overstrand Tariff Policy, water tariffs will only be increased once the level of the De Bos Dam drops below 40%.

Water sources in the other areas of the municipality are still at satisfactory levels, and residents can still enjoy a breather on water restrictions.

Water misuse and leakage can be reported to 028 313 8000/8111 or 028 313 8996. Residents or businesses that want to apply for exemption can contact Adenel Bayley on tel. 028 313 8972 or via e-mail to depdircomsec@overstrand

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New Restrictions added now

  • No washing of vehicles with any hose will be permitted. This means washing of vehicles and boats are only allowed if a bucket and cloth are used.
    - This is not applicable to commercial car wash industries.
  • No washing or hosing down of hard-surfaced or paved areas with municipal drinking water is allowed.

Previous restrictions still in place/applicable

  • Watering of gardens, lawns and sports field (including irrigation) are still allowed with municipal drinking water twice a week, one hour per day - before 09:00 or after 17:00.
    - Even numbered street addresses ONLY on Wednesdays and Sundays.
    - Uneven numbered street addresses ONLY on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Watering of plants in nurseries, etc., for commercial purposes, is exempted from the water restrictions.
  • All well points and boreholes must be registered at the office of the area manager(s) and consumers must ensure that they display the appropriate signage to this effect; clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.

If you fail to comply, the Overstrand municipality can:

  • issue a compliance notice to the consumer
  • Issue a fine in terms of the Municipal Water By-law
  • discontinue or limit water supply to the consumer

Click here for - Here is 16 practical water saving tips you can use every day

Make a difference:

  • Short showers, instead of a bath
  • Collect shower water in a bucket or basin while you shower and use it to water potted plants or to flush toilet
  • Limit the amount of times toilets are flushed
  • Brush your teeth using water in a glass; do not let the tap run.
  • Wash larger loads of laundry, where possible only once a week. Washing machines waste a lot of water.
  • Limit washing the dishes to once a day
  • Check for leaking taps and/or connections and repair it
  • Where possible install water efficient fittings and technologies


Overstrand Municipality

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