Hiking in and around Nature Reserves in Hermanus

Hiking in and around Nature Reserves in Hermanus

Join us for a stroll along the coastline

Hermanus Cliff path

The cliff path that hugs the coastline offers a 12km path for walkers and hikers alike. Start near the new harbour and enjoy a visual journey along the beautiful coast to Grotto beach, this path offers many benches to sit and watch the whales, or to enjoy sea views.

Some areas are wheelchair friendly

Fernkloof Nature Reserve

Walk or hike with splendid views of mountain and sea. There are many pathways (and benches if you want to take a rest), and the walk to the waterfall takes about 20 minutes.
Picnic area's are provided at the bottom of the reserve and plenty of parking spaces too.

In Fernkloof 92 species of bird have been spotted, including Sunbirds, Rock Thrush, Cape Sugar and Rock Jumper.

1474 species of plant have so far been collected and identified . Nowhere else on the planet are so many different species found growing so close to one another - and one can view them in the Hermanus Herbarium at Fernkloof, which has achieved international status. Housed in this herbarium are more plant species than those found in the entire United Kingdom.

The Hermanus Wildflower Festival is held annually at the Fernkloof Reserve in September.
Visit Fernkloof Nursery where masses of Eco-friendly, indigenous plants are on sale. There are often exhibitions in the reserves "big top" which display an exciting range of exhibitions such as the extremely popular "mini indigenous gardens" display.

Animals can also be found at the reserve, including Baboon, Klipspringer, Mongoose and Dassies.


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