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The Top 10 reasons why your child should own a pet

  • Monday, 24 April 2017
  • Jeanette

The relationship that develops between a dog and a kid  can be life-changing for a child as they grow and develop. Kids can learn a lot form dogs, like loyalty, friendship and how to take care for others. Just like humans, dogs feel emotion and pain.

Their loyalty, intelligence, devotion and affection are incredibly rewarding for dog owners, nothing could be more enjoyable than a long walk with their best friend or just relaxing at home in each other’s company.

#1. Your child will learn all about friendship
As they say.. “ Dogs are a man’s best friend” Few friendships can compare to the bond between a child and their pet. Dogs are loyal and loving friends so they can teach children what friendship is and how valuable it is. Your child will be able to make friends much easier throughout his life.

 friends kid dog

#2. Your child will spend more time outside and play with his/her dog
These days children are spending too much time in front of the computer and TV , which isn’t good for their young bodies and or eyes. Kids love to play outside with their pets, go for a walk with their dogs.

playing outsite www

#3. Your child will learn all about sharing
Other kids and people will like to play with their dog so this will teach your kids to share, to be generous and have patience. Like they say… "Sharing is Caring"

sharing animals and kid

#4. Owning a pet will teach your child how to take care of others
Having a small and cute puppy at home will help them to learn to take care of others. Let them feed, bath and clean after the dog. This will become their daily routine and something that will later become part of your child’s character.

kid with dog 700

#5. Therapy dogs are motivating kids who have trouble reading
Does your child have a problem to read out load before others? Well many children face this problem but the problem seems to disappear when they are around animals. The anxiety is suddenly gone. Therapy dogs are motivating kids who have trouble reading - Huffington Post


#6. Your children will be healthier if they grow-up with pets
As we mentioned at Nr #1 owning a pet means more walking and spending more time outside in general. Researches have shown that kids who grow up with dogs have a stronger immune system and this is especially true for kids who have spent the first year of their life with a dog. Kids who are allergic to dogs and live with them are less likely to have eczema. Also, kids who have autism tend to be less stressed when they have a dog around.

dog walking

#7. Your child will become even cuter than he/she is now
How many times have you seen a photo or a video of kids and their pets playing or even sleeping that made you melt because of all the cuteness? Trust us, having a child and a dog in the house means constant cuteness, fun and laughter.

cute kids with dogs 2

#8. The child’s pet will comfort him/her
Parents are always there for their children, make them feel safe and loved. But sometimes they have to say no, in those moments, especially if the kid has been punished, he or she can find a great comfort in their dog. Kids and dogs form a special bond so instead of holding everything inside kids will learn how to openly seek comfort and understanding.

Friendship kid pet

#10. Your child will understand the cycle of life better
Animals have short life cycles and often their death is the first loss a child faces in life. It is tough to handle at any age, going through the experience of loosing a pet will make the child see that life goes on and you simply have to work through it. We all have to face loss of a loved one sometime in life.

boy dog 


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